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We have talked about discovering Catfish before, but we have not talked much about bait for all those delicious tasting fish. If you talk to a old catfish experts, they will say the”stinkiest” bait you can find is the best bait you can find. I believe it is stupid to argue with an expert fisherman who’s recognized as an expert – because he has had great success in catching fish already. But, I must be a little squeamish when it comes to getting the vilest smelling bait in my hands. Oh, I don’t mind some rather tough smelling things to receive my hands in, but some of the’ole boys’ formulas are far beyond tough! I have used some of those recipes for catfish bait and the smell stays with you for days. You can’t get off it!
Therefore, I want to speak with you about catfish bait that works and still comes off your hands when you wash them. The first one I would like to mention is hotdogs! Plain old hot dogs actually work on catfish and they are simple to use when you’re baiting your hook. You can use some old ones your spouse or significant other will throw away. You can use ones which you bought from the grocery store. Catfish either do not understand the difference or they simply don’t care.
Another fantastic bait you can use is chicken livers. They’re difficult to have stay online, but I find that if you use a treble hook, then you’ll be better off by far. One of the ways is to wrap it with sewing thread. While this works, it will take a substantial amount of time and time you don’t have your line in the water is time you won’t catch fish.
I would rather hook the liver in another manner. First, I puncture a hole in the liver so that I can slide it on the end of the leader and down to the treble hook. I then puncture the liver so that it goes over each of the treble hooks. Don’t make these holes any bigger than needed – just use the pointed hook and you’ll see it’s quite nicely secured. You will have the ability to cast this several times without losing your bait.
Finally, I’d encourage you to fish for cats at night. Some of the largest catfish are caught at night. I’ve found that fishing for catfish at night could be great fun. I would suggest a bit different bait for night cat-fishing though. I find large shiners and shad work well and you can always rely on big juicy night crawlers. Remember, the big catfish are active at night and you have a good likelihood of getting a large one in your line. I would suggest a 20lb. Test and a rigid rod. You do not want the joy of hooking a large fish to be spoiled by losing him to a broken line.
Good Fishing!
Fishing Tip Number 5 – Catfish Bait – Use The Good Stuff

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